As of today, H33t is the world’s most widely used website torrent searching website. It also happens to be largest, which again explains its popularity with internet users all over the world. H33t is also one of the few sites that host both magnet links and torrent files, thus allowing users to have their choice as far as the mode of download is concerned. The site is the means through which millions of users share electronic content with each other. H33t did face certain problems in 2009, when it was used in certain documentaries that were subsequently raided by the authorities. Normal working order, however, was soon restored.

The above trouble was mainly brought on due to the working concept of H33t. In spite of its pro-user nature, there is no escaping the fact that millions of its users share or download media content on it completely free of charge. This has not endeared the site to copyright holders in any way whatsoever. However, the fact remains that there are many other similar websites with an equally large media collection.

Critics are firm in their belief that H33t will always be in the news for the wrong reasons till the time one is able to download copyrighted material through its search engines. However, it is also a fact that downloading Piratebay torrents itself cannot be held illegal. What concerns copyright holders is that content legally belonging to them is indexed by the pirate site’s search engine. Whether to term this an act of stealing or simply an act of sharing; this debate continues to rage on in the absence of any clear answers. Critics have also questioned the need for the site to make money through advertisements. This, they contend, does not stand moral scrutiny.

The site made its debut in the year 2005 as a beta version. This is when the site’s administrators got sued for copyright infringement and theft. Most of the contented files where the ones belonging to game titles, music albums and some movies. Prosecutors claimed millions of dollars in damages due to these infringements. However, H33t continues to be one of the most used torrent search engines in the world. To this day, it indexes more than a thousand torrents each day.

H33t now faces a lot of competition though. Many torrent search engines have emerged in the last few years and if H33t is to keep pace with them, some major improvements will be needed. The site administrator’s recognized this fact better than most and with that view has embarked upon improving the Pro version of H33t to help users improve their downloading experience further.


H33t is such a popular site that it is safe to say that almost every extensive user of the internet must be aware of the site and its benefits. In spite of the many controversies surrounding the site, there are many advantages to it. H33t scores over most others torrent search engines by quite a margin and its advantages ensure that it will maintain this lead for many years to come. Listed below are some of the site’s most popular and well-known advantages.

• As things stand, it is the largest indexer of torrent files in the world. And the thing about best torrenting software is that it is completely free. Users can also find here the largest catalogue of torrents.
• Users of H33t can share and download files belonging to different genres including movies, games, music, and any other stuff that can be found on the web.
• Very high downloading and uploading speeds are offered to users.
• Users can search for files either by using keywords or making a category search. This helps in locating the rarest of torrent files with relative ease.
• Apart from the regular torrent files, users of H33t can also download through magnet links.
• By getting themselves registered with the site, users are able to view their torrent history whenever they want. There are also many other features for them that can be accessed through the click of a mouse button.

The bit torrent downloader offered by H33t is highlighted by its user friendliness that allows users to download a variety of music, movie, games etc. with the least amount of hassle. However, this requires the prior installation of the software.

H33t is one of the best examples of a Bit Torrent tracker. The tracker allows users to search and download different kinds of torrent files at any place and any time. Bit Torrent, however, is a separate protocol that enables sharing between multiple clients logged into the same network. As of now, more than 5 million users are registered to H33t. These points to the amount of data one can download from the site. The speed of downloading a file available to users will be mainly influenced by the number of users sharing that particular file. More and more users these days are resorting to the use of the network and this has greatly contributed to better speeds for other users wanting to download files from H33t torrent search engine.

H33t is also continuously evolving and more features are being added to it regularly. Some of the new ones include the ability of users to view their recently uploaded files with the click of a button. The same kind of single-click operation also helps them view their download history. This kind of information is helpful in making the search engine results precise. The admins have decided to make use of magnet links to ensure better and safer access to the site for its users. A magnet link is nothing but the storage of torrent links in addition to the torrent files. Apart from being easier to download, magnet links are also a very safe option.