How to disable uTorrent ads

ad-free-utorrent2013Despite the increase in the usage of uTorrent, and hence increase in revenues of BitTorrent Inc., like any other company BitTorrent is also searching for and evaluating different options for increasing its revenues. The main reason behind this search is also that it has employed over hundred workers and is also being financed by a venture capitalist organization. And people are aware of the fact that whenever a venture capitalist provides finance to a company, they seek greater returns on the capital invested by them, in order to ensure that their investment is worthwhile.

Currently, the total revenue being earned by BitTorrent is about fifteen to twenty million US dollars, which seems to be good annual turnover. However, by adopting new advertising techniques, they can surly increase their current revenue. Furthermore, BitTorrent is also hoping that there new advertising techniques can work out favorably, so that in the future they can invest more on the technology and enable it to be more widely distributed.

Few weeks earlier BitTorrent Inc. launched a new version of uTorrent, in which there was a support for ads. After launching this version the company received various complaints from its users, in respect of absence of an option to disable these ads. After receiving these complaints, BitTorrent reacted rapidly and decided that an option should be made available to the users of uTorrent, for disabling this ads feature.

After conducting various tests, the company launched a new version of uTorrent, giving the users of uTorrent an option to render inoperative these ads. Advertisers willing to advertise their ads via uTorrent can easily do it via uTorrent ads support function and therefore, can easily reach and get connected to a huge database of over one twenty five million uTorrent users.

Ads that are displayed via uTorrent can easily be found on the golden bar which appears before the list of torrents. The company has given a statement that they will monitor the feedback being received from its users more closely, in order to ensure that their users get what they desire. According to them, so far the users are greatly accepting latest ads. As per one of the company’s representatives, he says that the company’s management is fully aware of the feedback from its users and considers it as of great value. And therefore, they are making sure that they could maintain and strengthen the privacy levels of its users without interrupting their experience with ads.

In order to disable these ads feature one only needs to follow some simple steps, run the uTorrent software, and then go to the option menu, click on preferences, and then click on the tab of advanced options. Then a list will be displayed in front of you, search for and click on gui.show_plus_upsell, then click on the tab named false (this will disable all quadrangle ads); then again search the list and click on offers. Sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled and then again click on the tab named false (this will disable all banner ads), similarly search for and click on these options (offers.left_rail_offer_enabled, offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled, gui.show_notorrents_node, offers.content_offer_autoexec) and then click on the tab named false and then press OK. After doing so, go to drop down menu and click on the exit. Reopen the uTorrent software again, and get pleasure from ad disabled version of uTorrent.