Stream downloaded files wirelessly to TV

stream-movies-to-tv22We often hear about different types of boxes that enter the market that are guaranteed to bring unlimited entertainment to our TV set. Some claim unlimited entertainment while other claims undisturbed broadcast and unlimited channels. Amongst all these boxes, have you heard about a special new box namely BitTorrent Android Box that has entered the market? BitTorrent Android Box gives the users the opportunity to stream downloaded files to TV.

The device supports many popular video formats and even downloads videos from torrent itself. Some of the few popular formats it supports are MPEG, MKV, WMV, FLV and so on, allowing  the users to have unlimited fun.

BitTorrent has a broad user population. In a recent survey, it was estimated that it has an amazing quarter billion users on a monthly basis making it the most popular and most broadly used sharing platform.  Majority of the BitTorrent users download files from this platform, but playing those downloaded files on their TV can be quite hectic. The invention of BitTorrent Box has changed all of this. With this thing, BitTorrent users can stream files that they have downloaded on their TV.

Other than playing downloaded files by others, this device also allows users to upload their content. The device has a built in torrent support which allows users to upload files through this device. Users can manage their files very easily with this device. Either you can upload the files from the build in browser present in the box or you can add files via USB or any other hard drive.

BitTorrent Android box is full of amazing features. Some very famous features that are making people crazy about this device are that this device has a built-in feature of Wi-Fi. It means that user is no more bound to an internet connection at one place. Enjoy unlimited TV anywhere and at any time with a Wi-Fi. The DLNA PC allows users to browse through the content that is available on their PC with ease. BitTorrent box is compatible with DLNA allowing users to access other devices for media. Some of the most famous devices it can access are Vuze and iTunes.

It is definitely a magic box. It is affordable and full of fun. One of the biggest benefit that user can enjoy from the device is its compatibility with Android. This feature allows user to use this device with unlimited Android devices available in the market. Gone are the days when you wished to watch your downloaded movies on your TV. Now with BitTorrent Box, you can easily stream downloaded files wirelessly to TV without any hassle. Just buy the device and have access to unlimited content. Now it is time that one can easily transform their home into a theater. It makes you watch your favorite movies, your desired music and unlimited content on your television without the hassle of any file conversion. It is very easily to use with no strings attached.